Let's Talk About Flooring

Let's Talk About Flooring

Can You Install Carpet In An Enclosed Porch?

by Pearl Weaver

If you recently enclosed your back or front porch, you may plan to redo the flooring in the room as well. But if you think hardwood or tile will make your enclosed porch feel too cold or uncomfortable in the winter, you wonder if you can use carpet instead. If you choose the right carpet for your porch, you can use it to create the flooring you need. Learn how you can add carpet to your enclosed porch floor below.

How Can Carpet Make Your Porch More Comfortable?

Many homeowners convert their open porches into enclosed private rooms or patios over time. Although an enclosed porch can provide a great place for you to rest and enjoy all year round, it can also become cold and uncomfortable in the winter. Even if you warm your porch with a heater, the floor can still be uncomfortably cold to you. If you cover the floor in your porch with carpet, you can make the space feel warmer to you.

Although any carpet can make a room feel warmer, you want to select a carpet that works best for enclosed porches. If your porch receives a lot of sunlight during the day, you want to choose a carpet that doesn't fade quickly in sunlight. The carpet may be fade-resistant or contains ingredients that don't fade easily in sunlight, such as polypropylene

You may need to consider several other things before you install carpet on your enclosed porch floor. You can do the job better by having a carpet installation contractor install your carpet for you. 

How Can a Contractor Install Carpet on Your Porch? 

Along with choosing fade-resistant carpet for your porch, you also want to select the right color for your carpet. If you don't plan to change the design or style of your porch again in the future, you want to choose a color for your carpet that fits the room right now.

If you plan to update your porch sometime in the future, choose a neutral color for your porch. Neutral colors, such as brown or white, may work well with many other colors and shades. You can always design your porch around your carpet to save time and money later.

After you and a contractor find the right carpet for your enclosed porch, they'll schedule an installation appointment for you. If you need to change your appointment time or day, contact a contractor as soon as possible. 

Learn more about installing carpeting on your enclosed porch by contacting a professional today.


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