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ARC Bamboo floors are made of strands of Bamboo that are woven and pressed into a solid and stable natural floor. The Bamboo used for these floors is harvested from carefully managed forests, which makes it a truly renewable green material.

Bamboo is one of Nature's most rapidly renewable resources. Bamboo grows into a maturity ready to harvest approximately every 6 years.  All ARC Bamboo products are fully FSC certified, meaning this floor only uses well-managed forest for its resources.  With its solid construction, ARC Bamboo is stable, incredibly indentation resistant, it can be sanded and re-finished in years to come...just like a timber floor.
ARC Bamboo floors have two layers:
1. SCRATCH - RESISTANT FINISHING LAYER.  ARC Bamboo floors are finished with 11 coats of hi-tech SRT coating (Scratch Resistant Technology).  This makes them more resistant to scratches and to the tough and tumble of everyday life than any other Bamboo floor on the market.

2. HARD AND STABLE BAMBOO CORE.  This 14mm thick layer of solid Bamboo is the heart of ARC Bamboo floor. Thanks to the 'cold pressed' manufacturing process, ARC Bamboo has a greater uniformity in density, colour and moisture content as well as a more appealing appearance. Moreover, it can be sanded and re-finished in years to come for a lifetime of pleasure.

If you love timber flooring, you will fall head over heels for ARC Bamboo...not just for its good looks, with its long and wide boards, but also for its strength and durability.  And perhaps the most impressive feature of all is that it is sourced from dedicated plantations which are regrown in 5 to 6 year cycles...awarding ARC Bamboo its independent environmental certification from both GECA (Green Environmental Choice Australia) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). ARC Bamboo is stable, incredibly indentation resistant, almost completely insect resistant, easy to clean and maintain.
Strand Woven Engineered Floor
Thickness: 14 mm
Width: 137 mm
Length: 1850 mm
Packet Size: 1.267 m2
Profile: Patented Uniclic System
Installation Method: Floating
Residential Warranty: Lifetime Structural & 25 Years Surface Finish
ARC Bamboo Brushed Antique ABWBA: Bold and brass.
ARC Bamboo Brushed Antique ABWBA:
Eye-popping floor which leaves a lasting impression.
ARC Bamboo Brushed Antique ABWBA
Flooring which becomes the refined canvas for any style and look.
ARC Bamboo Brushed Antique ABWBA:
Long and wide boards, expanding the sense of space 
right before your eyes
ARC Bamboo Champagne ABWCHAM.  Adding an element of colour to its luxurious floor creates an awe-inspiring space that radiates modern edge with an eclectic twist.
ARC Bamboo Champagne ABWCHAM.   Unique in its
texture and look, the boards add another dimension to space and light.
 ARC Bamboo Coffee ABWCOF.  
The coffee tones add the depth to the floor which is incomparable.
ARC Bamboo Coffee ANWCOF: Warm and inviting flooring.
ARC Bamboo Natural ABWNAT with exquisite allure.
ARC Bamboo Natural ABWNAT with graceless elegance.
ARC Bamboo Australiana ABWAUS.  Diverse and exotic hues captivate the eye and embrace you with its warmth and uniqueness.
ARC Bamboo Australiana ABWAUS: Striking in appearance.





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