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Moisture content and noise levels are two of the major and recurring issues surrounding floating timber floors, impacting on their performance across many residential and commercial environments.

Dunlop Acoustic Underlay for timber floors has gone through extensive testing by the CSIRO to determine the acoustic performance and compliance with the standard set by the BCA.  Dunlop's timber flooring underlay is all exceed the standard.  Dunlop timber flooring underlays are Australian made and guaranteed.
Aquacoustic flooring underlay provides unsurpassed acoustic performance.  Incorporating a 200 micron moisture resistant barrier, it also offers superior moisture protection.  Recommended for use with most common engineered wood and solid timber floating floors where superior noise reduction, moisture protection and resilience is required. Dunlop Aquacoustic is treated with one of the world's leading antimicrobial agents Ultra-Fresh which offers protection from mould, mildew, fungi and bacterial growth for a more hygienic environment.

Thickness: 3 + / - 0.3 mm
Foam: Silver / Grey, Cross Linked Polyethylene
Laminate (Bottom): Black Polyethylene Laminate, Printed White / Light Grey 200 μm
Place of Manufacture: Australia
Roll Length: 20 m
Roll Width: 1600 mm + 200 mm overlap
Roll Size: 32 m2
Moisture Barrier: Yes
Poly-wrap: Clear polyethylene wrap tied at one end
Impact sound rating Ln,w + C1: 49 dB
BCA Compliant: Yes
Dunlop Aquacoustic conforms to the standard AS ISO 717.2-2004 and BCA 2010 Spec F5.2 set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for acoustic performance Ln,w + C1 = 62 dB. 
Please Note: Bare Slab Ln,w + C1 result was 68 dB.  Testing was conducted in accordance with standard ISO 140-6, over a 150 mm reinforced concrete sub-floor.
The terms to describe the impact sound insulation of the floor is "weighted normalised impact sound pressure level" (Ln,w) plus "spectrum adaptation" (C1).  The lower the Ln,w + C1 for the flooring assembly, the better the performance of the floor in terms of impact sound insulation.





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