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Vibramat® is specifically designed to be used under tiles and timber floors in high rise buildings for the purpose of reducing footfall and impact noise.  The way a resilient underlay like Vibramat® works, is by absorbing (and to a certain extent reflecting) as much impact noise as possible before allowing the energy to reach the structure of the building.  This is what acoustic engineers commonly refer to as 'impact isolation'. 
The raw materials used in making Vibramat® come from either recycling old tyres, collecting waste rubber in the form of off-cuts from shoe factories etc, or from cork waste collected from the bottling industries.
Distinct from other manufacturers of acoustic underlay, Vibramat® comes in flat sheets measuring precisely 1.1m x 1.1m (1.21m2 per sheet) for easier installation compared to rolled underlay.  


High performance at low cost
Effective solution in meeting or exceeding the BCA acoustic requirements
Environmentally responsible by using recycled and waste raw materials
Density of 5 mm Vibramat (rubber type): 850 kg / m3





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